Light it up part 12 - It works!

Part 1-The Design | 2-Model Making | 3-Making the First Mold | 4-Making the Second Mold | 5-Chopping it up! | 6-Starting to Cast | 7-Cast on | 8-It's not all smooth | 9-Drill and Dremel | 10-Faster now | 11-Glazing

Set #3, which was the best casting, totally cracked all around. It cracked beautifully though. Tech wasn't sure if it cracked coming up or down (referring to temp of kiln)

Set #1 in the background with the shiny glaze which I don't like. Set #2 in the foreground is the one I had to repair during greenware. The crack by the opening where it was repaired is visible.

Uneven texture of the shiny glaze due to the shape and spray application

Glaze colors are much darker

Wiring up the light, one bulb in each part

It works!

My goal in choosing different colors is to have the light reflect the colors such that when blended a third color is seen. Can you see the purple? I hope to adjust the colors in the future since the orange is too intense. This may have to wait until Fall since the ceramics studio might not be open this summer.

I didn't want to secure the supporting wires since I'm not fully happy with this color but since I may have to wait until Fall, maybe I'll secure it to get a picture of the light hanging.


sharock said...

whoa!!!! i want one!

Vanessa C. said...

haha thanks! I'm hoping to make more either this summer or during the fall.

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